Moving Mud




Moving Mud uses the traditional glassblowing technique called lampwork. Each item is made of borosilicate glass, or pyrex. The glass is melted and formed with a torch that combines oxygen and propane. For added strength, all pieces are annealed. Annealing is a strengthening process of slowly cooling glass in a kiln to relieve internal stresses.

Moving Mud is a truly small business. We strive to build and sustain a natural, healthful environment that nourishes our creative endeavors, resulting in our crafting of intriguing and playful closures. Our products include handmade glass buttons & closures, jewelry pieces, knitting tools and other craftable glass objects. Johnny, Sarina and daughter Scout team up to create, design and package all of the glass product out of their glass studio in Warren, Vermont.


Living in Vermont provides us with a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We spend our days tending our generous garden, cooking up a storm, exercising, working on the torch, getting together with neighbors, and simply living the good life.